Alarm clock rings, and I press the big button that says “Stop” on my phone. A deep breath. Those few extra few sweet minutes of sleep will be useful, actually absolutely essential for getting through my day.

I wish school didn’t exist. What if all schools suddenly weren’t there, blown up by some freak sand storm or drone attack from the Martians. I can see the ufo’s coming and closing in with their laser precise aiming. Next, they hit Mr.


“Uhhhh” that’s trouble, I need to sound like I’m ready.

“Just a minute mom!! I’m changing.”

Get out of bed quick, I don’t have much time.

The school day starts as every other. Teachers going on and on about things I have no interest in learning, insisting that it’s for my benefit. The clock seconds seem to get slower in Mrs. Farleys chemistry class. If I could sleep and not get caught, I would. It’s the staying up that is the trouble. I wish school would actually be interesting… the only thing I look forward to is catching up with the lads.


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