In an attempt to be fruitful in our endeavours, seekers try and understand the world around them. In we come to the realm of the mind, comparing ideas and connecting disparate concepts to reach what satisfies a deeper and fuller representation of all that we see and do.

Behind every thought that brings mental toil, that uncomfortable feeling that is so addictive to us thinkers, lies an unsatisfactory answer to an unclear question. Our questions guide our thoughts.

An intention is worth more than we think, for therein we come to know the most befitting action. Yet intention is cheap if we do not exert ourselves physically towards those ends. Action and reflection only together can bring knowledge, for when they are left alone they congeal into perpetual ignorance or self loathing. We cannot learn through one without the other.

“Oh Yahya, take the book with strength.” Read it much, and take it with action! Follow its teachings before the opportunity fades. How else can you be sure of the hours you have spent reading?

Be patient with your wisdom and knowledge. These are things that are only given, and never achieved. Journey towards that which you do not know, but never lose sight of how far you have come. Act with what you know before the opportunity dies. Never be among those who are shy or arrogant, for it is not but the shy and arrogant who never learn.


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