Future plans, current worries, past mistakes. How often do we hear the small nagging voice inside us telling us to keep our minds silent. We tell ourselves that these worries are unworthy of publishing on our faces that bear the news of new and old. These, “secrets,” are unimportant, insignificant: why worry about these worries when nothing seems to alleviate them.

The hole we are digging deepens, and our problems are left unsolved, our patience waning with every new sunrise. The light in which we once saw life dims, moving further and further away with every pant and sigh.

SPEAK, Human! for you were not created but a finite vessel. Speak, as your faith is only compounded by words and knowledge by actions. Speak of your success, of your troubles, of your truth, and of you patience. These, if not enjoined, become as stale water harbouring weeds and algae. No longer can we benefit from this water, except as a view lying before the lens, the view in a picture, a thing to share with our friends.

SPEAK! as you read, so must you write. O human how ignorant your are that you think you can learn without teaching; as if you can learn without asking! Truth is truth, yet a thought is not true to you until acknowledged by another. As is belief untrue to your heart, unless your patience is expressed to a similar heart. Otherwise, the large becomes small and the small expands out of proportion. Acknowledgement slows the mind down, allows us to view ourselves in the mirror of another’s eye, not through the twisted lens of our own, ever changing.

Tell me, young one what encouragement means to you. It means praise from another for following your dreams, a reward for your action. We ask ourselves far too much for too little a price. The price, as always, for what we obtain is what and how we give it away…


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