Not having uploaded anything in the past few months, I realised that I was waiting for a burst of inspiration that simply defeated the purpose of writing in the first place. I see now articles, stories, poems, and conversations as snapshots. Not snapshots of one’s appearances or surroundings, but rather of their thoughts and ideas, their emotions and the experiences that they are going through. Just as everyone has bad hair days, so must they have days where they find it more difficult to write. I recently read through one of my old blog posts and thought to myself, “wow (mashalla), I would not be able to write like that now.” Well, in a way, expecting to be able to is akin to expecting myself to look like I did last year (which is not necessarily a good thing), and mind you my thoughts develop much faster than my looks. That article was a snapshot of my thoughts and feelings back then, just as much as this is a snapshot of where I am now.

How then, does one develop, while it is inevitable that they will forget what they once knew? The Quran strikes a beautiful parable of water descending from the sky, and bringing to life to the lifeless earth. Thence flourishes plants of different types and colours blossoming each one in its unique way. They turn yellow before long, and scatter into dust a short while after. Such are our blessings. We have been given the blessing of thought and understanding, skills and proficiencies, so we should use them while we have them. Some may stay with us for mere hours, like the smile held on our faces after parting a good friend, and others for a lifetime and beyond if God permits, such as religious knowledge.

On the continuation and proliferation of blessings. Come the rule, “little yet constant is greater than large amounts yet sporadic” regarding our actions. Pray not to read 10 books  a year, but rather to read a page a day, for a feeble stream of water can sink a ship in a day, while 10 buckets of it at once can dream not to do so.

On trust, do not trust everything no matter how fast your heart leaps for it. What is good will stay with you inadvertently if you are good, and what is bad will soon filter off into its flock of similar making. Be sure of a path of action before striking the road, as once it has been struck, it is better to not leave or stray. And then have confidence in your direction regardless of results at first. Walk, and do not run, the path with your heart rather than your feet, as your feet soon tire, but your heart has supplements of its own. Know your path: look out for holes and thorns. And stare not towards the destination nor towards the path itself, but rather gaze at the horizon, as little is more beautiful and conducive to keep walking.


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