Start already!

Hello, my name is Abdulrahman. This is my blog.

I was kinda scared to start posting anything for a while because I wanted everything I post to be perfect and amazing. But then I realised, almost nothing is perfect and very few things are amazing, comparatively. So here I am… My expectations are that I will write enough so that some of my posts may attain a good level of literary value, so look out for that.

A short introduction about my plans. I wanted to start writing for a while, just for myself. But then I realised that I was just not motivated and frankly I would not be benefitting myself, as I would not get feedback, nor others, as no one is reading. There came the idea to start my blog. Much credit to my family and friends. Special thanks to Ayesha Khan another blogger who has no idea about me, but like myself started a blog (which you should definitely check out!). After years of procrastinating, I finally got the courage to start once I saw that she had. Also, I couldn’t let her beat me to it!

I speak English and Arabic fluently, and am learning Spanish at the moment, so expect posts in any of these languages (but don’t expect perfect grammar). The topics of my blogs, however, cannot be listed, as you cannot list infinity. Just joking. I like to think about everything, so expect anything.

On a side note, or perhaps a main one, I realised that the world now seems to be taking a more secular route, especially in the academic society. I, however, strongly disagree. I’m sick and tired of trying to water down my thoughts to be acceptable to different audiences because of such (perceived) sensititivy. Of course, audience matters when writing, but not to the point where you change what you call “truth” because you are afraid of someone thinking differently about you. That is what I have been doing for years, but this has to end. So before we continue, I have to make this statement. I am a Muslim, and my thoughts are guided as such. That does not mean that I am not open to different ideas. It just means I 100% believe in whatever God sent down to earth as Guidance, including, of course, the Quran.

Now that all that is out of the way. I ask God to guide me to the strait path, and make this blog something that will be a witness for me, and not against me, on the Day where all witnesses will be brought forth. Bismillah. Now I can finally begin my journey, knowing that at the end of every road is just another beginning…


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